Win Win Business & Tax Solutions International, LLP.

Effectiveness, Efficiency

The IRS employs 100,000 people and more tax attorneys than any law firm in the world, while most attorneys & CPA’s have no experience in closing an IRS issue, our company has a track record of business experience performing in the best possible manner with the least waste of time and effort. Our philosophy is to try to win your case with proper documentation, laws, reason, persistence and the belief in equity.

Strategic Solutions

A resolution must be such that it’s a Win Win for all parties involved. You must know when to fight, when to plea and when to settle. We strongly believe in our legal system. We will fight for your rights as if your case were our own.  We never did and never will back down, even against overwhelming odds (like 5 federal agencies at the same time) or when the opponent plays power game (like threats of imprisonment).

Tax Problem & Relief Strategies

  • Bookkeeping & Tax Preparation
  • Audits, Liens, Levies, & Seizures
  • IRS-Debt Settlement
  • Estate Planning & Asset Protection

Latest News


  • Horacio made headline on every major TV channel when he was arrested at gunpoint by 5 federal agencies for over 30 charges. …Read More
    WIN WIN Solution:
    We took over and convinced the Feds to release Horacio out on bail then work with him instead.
  • Al and his wife were arrested for tax evasion (failure to file 23 years of tax returns). …Read More
    Win Win Solution:
    We convinced the Feds to restitute Al and his wife’s freedom.
  • Assad was investigated by the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) of the U.S. Treasury Department. …Read More
    Win Win Solution:
    We convinced CID that they got the wrong person and closed the case.